Taxpayers' Alliance's War on Waste Comes to Tower Hamlets!

In the wake of the PriceWaterhouseCooper LLP report 'Best value inspection of London Borough of Tower Hamlets', the Taxpayers' Alliance visited Tower Hamlets to make the case for Taxpayers' money being spent efficiently and lower taxes on the Borough's residents.

Supporters of the Taxpayers' Alliance gathered on the junction between Brick Lane and Hanbury Street.

Conservative PPC Matt Smith said: "I was support the Taxpayers' Alliance's War on Waste in Tower Hamlets. We had a great time promoting the TPA's case for lower taxes and cutting wasteful spending by Tower Hamlets Council".

"Critical shortcomings in the use of taxpayers' money by the Council were identified by PwC in their report. The local residents and restaurant employees we spoke to on Brick Lane were furious about town hall waste. In light of costly expenses, political advertising and the taxpayer-funded spin doctors, a new cost effective culture, which respects taxpayers' money, is needed in Town Hall".

"Tower Hamlets spends just over a billion pounds of taxpayers' money a year, by local taxes and overwhelmingly central government grant allocation. Tower Hamlets Council needs to remember that it is spending taxpayers' money, generated through their hard work, levied on their earnings and the wealth creation of their businesses. It is taxpayers' money, not the Council's money, that is prolifically wasted and mispent in Tower Hamlets".

"The Council should be a better shepherd of public resources, a better administrator of public services and a better trustee of taxpayers' money. Instead it all too often mispends and wastes taxpayers' money".

"The Taxpayers' Alliance has visited our Borought today to highlight these issues and provide advocacy for taxpayers, many of whom are no where near as well paid as some working in Tower Hamlets officialdom or the 'political consultants' who have coined it under the current administation".

"We are delighted to support the Taxpayers' Alliance, who have done so much to highlight the wasteful use of public resources by this Council and provide advocacy for the rights of taxpayers in Tower Hamlets".