Dr Liam Fox MP visits Brick Lane

Dr Liam Fox MP spoke to a group of local Conservatives at a restaurant in Brick Lane last week. Dr Fox is one of the founders of Conservative Voice which aims to "support the Conservative agenda of individual aspiration, small government, low taxes, a broad rather than deep relationship with Europe, more direct accountability to voters and radical thinking on providing public services and tackling the country's social and economic challenges".

Balls Brother's site - developers told to think again

On Wednesday 12th September, Tower Hamlets Development Committee deferred a decision to grant planning consent for a new hotel on the Balls Brothers site, Cambridge Heath Road and the corner of Paradise Row. Members were concerned at the design of part of the building which they felt would have clashed with the Museum of Childhood and the remaining Georgian Town Houses opposite St John's Church.

Spitalfields & Banglatown by election count

Matthew Smith who stood as the Conservative candidate in the Spitalfields & Banglatown by-election on the 19th April 2012 caused by former Councillor Shelina Akhtar being jailed for fraud.

Don't Neglect Petticoat Lane

Spitalfields Conservatives are concerned about the lack of regulation, mismanagement and the reduction of standards of Petticoat Lane Market and the surrounding area. Waste is not effectively managed in the area. The market, including the food court, creates an unreasonable level of rubbish and food waste as any resident walking along Goulston Street and the surrounding area on Sunday afternoon will know.For too long Tower Hamlets Council has neglected Petticoat Lane. If the borough is not careful then the reputation of this legendary market will be lost to future generations.

Spitalfields News

Shelina Akhtar, benefit fraud Councillor refuses to resign, despite two convictions.

Time To Go for Convicted Benefit Fraudster Shelina Akhtar

Convicted and jailed benefit fraudster still hangs on to Tower Hamlets Council Seat Shelina Akhtar is a twice convicted benefit fraudster. In May 2010 she was elected to Tower Hamlets, giving an address in Spitalfields on her nomination papers. In fact she was actually the tenant of a property in Blackwall Way, which she was illegally subletting for £1,000 per month. Shortly after her election, when she used the name Akhtar, she instructed officers to change official documents to Aktar. This was just before she was first convicted for the first time under the name of Akhtar.

Swan Housing Questioned over Cllr Shelina Akhtar

There are serious questions to be answered that in a borough with 23,000 on the waiting list, how a healthy 32 year old was allocated this property when she already had plenty of living space at 37 Toynbee Street. Indeed, space could scarcely have been at a premium in 37 Toynbee Street, since she and her mother have been joined by four additional adults, all of whom are included on the electoral register.

Public life – Public Nuisance

Public Life, the former public toilet sold off in mysterious circumstances by the council on Commercial Street, has long blighted Christchurch Spitalfields and the most prominent thoroughfare in our area.Residents have been complaining about its flouting of licensing laws for many years. The Police raided the club before Christmas and found drugs all over the club including on the staff. Residents saw security staff on the door being led away in hand cuffs.

The Iron Lady

An evening with Maggie and a few pints of Veto Ale!