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Public life – Public Nuisance

Public Life, the former public toilet sold off in mysterious circumstances by the council on Commercial Street, has long blighted Christchurch Spitalfields and the most prominent thoroughfare in our area.Residents have been complaining about its flouting of licensing laws for many years. The Police raided the club before Christmas and found drugs all over the club including on the staff. Residents saw security staff on the door being led away in hand cuffs.

The Iron Lady

An evening with Maggie and a few pints of Veto Ale!

Bob Neill MP Minister for Local Government visits

At our Dinner on Thursday 13th October 2011, the Bethnal Green and Bow Conservative Association were joined by Bob Neill MP, Minister for Local Government, to talk about a range of issues affecting the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and the wider East End area.

THEOs given day off during riots

Zara Davis, Conservative councillor for Millwall, said: "These THEOs are supposed to be patrolling the streets and keeping us safe, but when looting and violence broke out, they were nowhere to be seen. It turns out that in the borough's moment of need, not a single THEO was on duty."

No Saturday Opening in Old Spitalfields Market

The Conservatives in response to residents complaints have been campaigning to stop Saturday trading in Old Spitalfields Market. Matt Smith wrote to the Advertiser expressing these concerns.

Our Team Out and About

We are regularly talking to residents to find out their views and opinions. Please do contact us if you have a local issue that we can help with. Please see the 'People' page and 'Association Officers' for contact details.

A real picture of the violence and wanton destruction in our Borough

'The random and indiscriminate violence against businesses, households and the police witnessed across London last night is totally despicable and without excuse. It is pure criminality and an embarrassment for ordinary hardworking Londoners, and those responsible will feel the full force of the law in the coming days and weeks.

We want to thank and commend the police, fire brigade, local authorities and many local volunteers who have worked tirelessly throughout the last 48 hours to restore order, save property and life, and repair damage to local communities.

Tower Hamlets votes 'No' in AV referendum

The people of Tower Hamlets have rejected making changes to the voting system used to choose MPs by delivering a resounding No vote in the recent referendum. 54% of local people voted No, rejecting the change proposed by Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband.

Mayor's £2,000 taxi bill

Lutfur Rahman has charged the residents of Britain's poorest borough £2,191.04 on taxi fares up to the end of February since his election in October as Executive Mayor of Tower Hamlets, according to information received from councillors enquiries.